At Roots experienced matchmakers arrange several short virtual dates for you. You have the chance to meet up to 10 people in one two-hour exclusive dating event. If two people are intrigued and want to connect more with any of their dates, they note their interest to the hosts. The very next day you will be notified of all of your matches, with contact information. It is now up to you to reach out to plan a second date, either virtually or in person. Choose an event that speaks to you and be open to meeting people all over the US to increase your chances of finding a true soul connection. Roots Speed Dating Event themes change often, so sign up for our mailing list to be notified of new events coming soon!


Sign me up! What are the steps?

  • Fill out the Roots intake form. Staff matchmakers use this information during the planning and marketing of events to find similar matches for you.
  • Choose the Speed Dating Event you want to attend. Buy your ticket through the Roots portal.
  • Do you have questions before buying? Contact the Roots matchmaker team at connect@Roots.Love


How will the event go?

  • Meet up to 10 people in two hours!
  • Each date will last 7 minutes in your private virtual room.
  • Between each date, you will gather in the virtual lounge to socialize with everyone.
  • During these 5-minute breaks, you will submit your feedback to the Host in the chat feature. Noting "Yes", "Maybe", or "No" to connecting with your date in the future.
  • After the event, the lounge will stay open for 30 minutes to socialize.


When will I know who I matched up with?

  • You will receive a message the next day with a list of your matches and contact information.
  • We encourage you to reach out within 24 hours with a unique message, letting them know why you chose them.

Speed Dating Event Ticket Prices


$46      1 ticket for our two-hour event, to meet up to 10 people


10% off your second speed dating event 


Get a taste of our matchmaking services

with Roots SD Date Planning trial offer for $100!

Roots SD Date Planning is an add-on to any of the Roots Speed Dating events. For each person that you match within the “2nd date” category, we will set up your second date, either in-person or virtually. In-person dates will be planned at locations that offer outdoor dining for appetizers and drinks OR at a coffee shop. Take your coffee or tea to-go for a socially-distance walk, if you like.

If this package is chosen, you will not receive contact information for your matches after the SD event. Instead, you will be contacted by a Roots Matchmaker. You will choose a few days/times for your planned date, city preferred, or choose a virtual date.

We will be the momentum you may be lacking! If you need this push to move forward, Roots Matchmakers will push for you. It is up to you to show up and bring your charm and compassionate communication skills to your date.


Looking for a fun and community based approach to dating? We offer a dynamic and effortless experience to further your dating experience!
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Q: I attended your Speed Dating event and I didn’t match up with anyone, for dating or friendship. What should I do now?


A: We wish your special person had the chance to meet you during our event. Please attend a future event for 10% off. You can also sign up to be in the Roots Dating Pool of single candidates. We may call you to determine if you could be a match for one of our matchmaking clients. This service is free for you. OR you may want to have a consultation with one of our professional matchmakers to see if Roots Private Matchmaking services can help you find your special someone.


Q: What if I don’t match up with anyone from the Speed Dating Event and I bought the Dual Speed Dating package?


A: Your soul connection must have had other plans that day! You can use your $100 credit towards more Roots Speed Dating events or towards a personalized matchmaking package with one of the professional matchmakers at Roots.


Q: What if I don’t want to try speed dating again or use Roots Matchmaking Services AND I didn’t match with anyone from my Dual Speed Dating ticket?


A: You are the boss of you! We want you to be as content as you can be. We will refund your unused $100 within one billing cycle of your written request.


Q: What happens if I bought my Speed Dating ticket and something comes up that keeps me from attending?


A: We wish we could see you! But we understand things come up. If you provide us with at least 24-hour’s-notice, we will allow you to use your credit to sign up for another speed dating event. 



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