The Professional Matchmakers at Roots form relationships with their clients. They meet with each person on video or in-person to get to know them deeply, before beginning the search for their date. They ask about past relationships, and client’s top preferences in a partner, as well as their communication style. Compatibility in choosing dates is based on several components. EQ and IQ are taken into consideration, as well as personality traits and common interests.


  1. Prospective clients submit the Roots Intake Form with four photos.
  2. Roots Matchmakers review intake forms and meet with the team. If approved, an assigned Matchmaker will reach out to the client.
  3. Clients sign the Roots Agreement.
  4. Client pays Matchmaking fees.
  5. A video conference call is set up to meet with your Matchmaker.
  6. The Matchmaker begins their search for your match.
  7. Dates are arranged based on the available schedules of both parties.
  8. Feedback is submitted to the Matchmaker within 24 hours of the date.
  9. A feedback phone call is offered to the client within one week of the date.
  10. If both daters want to see each other again, contact info is exchanged.

How long will it take to find my date?

On average, dates are secured and planned within one month of your video conference, after intake forms are in, agreements are signed, and fees are paid. If circumstances require that the search extends beyond one month, clients are notified with an update.


 How can I trust you to find me a beautiful date?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as we all know. What we see as beautiful can change throughout our lives, based on our past experiences. We have the ability to see beauty in people that we have formed an emotional connection with. For this reason, Roots Matchmakers recommend getting to know your date deeply through conversation as well as meeting a few times before deciding if they are a good fit for you.


 Where do you find people for my dates?

The Roots Dating Pool is full of singles from all over the USA. Candidates enter the Dating Pool after attending Roots Speed Dating events, some singles sign up from advertisements in their area when more people are needed in a certain demographic. Singles are also located on LinkedIn and on social media platforms and groups. And others are brought into the Dating Pool from personal connections to the matchmakers.


When looking for compatible singles for clients, matchmakers carefully choose appropriate candidates based on several key traits. All potential dates meet with a matchmaker virtually to get to know them on a personal level.


Date choices:

  • Video date or Live date outdoors
  • List several dates/times that you are available
  • Outdoor dates are offered: choose between a meal, activity, drinks, or a coffee/tea date


Date Coaching

Roots Matchmakers offer feedback calls after each date to help you process. Share your thoughts openly for support and recommendations on how to move forward with your date. Date coaching packages are available for extended support, while dating. Inquire about fees.

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