Do you want to date someone compatible with you, without doing all of the work of screening people on dating apps?

Are you curious about matchmaking but do not want to make the financial commitment right now?

Are you ready for a deep and meaningful long-term relationship?

Complete the Roots intake form to be added to our Dating Pool of singles. There is no charge, at any time! You will be considered for a date with Roots Matchmaking clients, after a phone consultation with one of our staff matchmakers.


How does it work?

Roots Matchmakers get to know their clients inside and out. When looking for compatible singles for clients, matchmakers carefully choose appropriate candidates based on several key traits.


If a matchmaker is interested in you, they will reach out to learn more about you. Screening questions are carefully selected to learn about people on a deeper level than just the words written on an intake form. Matchmakers want to know your goals, what your personality is like, and what your communication style is. They match people based on their personalities, the preferences of both people, and the similarities they share.


What will my date look like?

After a phone consultation, if the matchmaker decides to set you both up on a date, they will ask about your preferences.


Date choices:

  • Video date or Live date
  • List several dates/times that you are available
  • Live dates: choose a meal, activity, drinks, or a coffee/tea date


When will I be contacted by a Roots matchmaker?

  • At any time, a matchmaker may contact you for a phone consultation, when they have a client in mind that may be compatible with you.


What if I don’t want to wait?

  • Schedule a 15-minute free consultation to discuss matchmaking services with an experienced matchmaker at Roots.
  • Consider a one-date package to discover how amazing it is to have a matchmaker personally hand-pick dates for you, offering dating coaching and feedback sessions throughout the process. Click here to learn more.
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